7 Reasson Why Muslim Must Engage Humanity


7 reasons why Muslims must engage humanity: first, that Islam views all humans as ‘inherently’ pure (fitri). It builds positive thinking

Second, all humans are guaranteed dignity by their Lord. And no one has the right to take it away from them. ‘Karaamah’ is a godly preserved

Third, the universal nature of Islam. That Islam is not limited to certain people of certain background. Islam is for kaafatan linnas.

Fourth, Social aspects in Islam is the proof of all things religious. your ritual may not be considered if it’s failed to be proven socially

Fifth, Ihsan is the highest level of servant – God connection. That you worship God as you’re seeing Him. But Ihsan must be socially proven

Sixth, Islam is ‘rahmah’ lil’alamin. That Islam is about kindness to all, without limited by race, nationality and or religious barriers..

Seventh, Islam is about contribution. That the upper hand is always better the lower one. Hence, Muslim must build civilization, no complain

Lastly, Islam embraces diversity. In fact, it’s believed to be heavenly designed. And so, management is essential. And that’s ‘ta’aruf’..!


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